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New dress arrived!! Crystal Dream Carnival

Japanese Graffiti based on the infamous artwork drawn by Hokusai titled The Great Wave off Kanagawa
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Did my feature wall with black tissue paper so it actually looks painted and it looks rad.
Once I get some black washi tape I’ll be able to do much better patterns.


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Oh god…..Gold kitchen cabinets. GOOOLLLLDDD I say! Must. have. them.
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I got the wardrobe out of the way!! I just need to cover it up now bc it’s hideous but it’s such god storage and I’m so happy to have it off the floor.
I also need to find somewhere to put the clothing that was in it, but I’m getting to that……
I also got the kitchen table up on some cinder blocks so it’s at a decent hight for cooking off!!
I’m going to steal a couple more cinder blocks or bricks from the garden and paint them up, I think, and then put them in a little stack with some plants.
Home decorating life.

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Gonna get a nice high bench for my kitchen instead of the low shitty table I have now anyone wanna help with that????

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